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/Hot. Ice-cold. Warm. Cold.​

Space without chairs. We want to challenge the visitors to forget what they were up to, so they can linger on and lose track of time. When floating, does eating become more than an answer to a hungry and grouching body? Can one minute feels instantly longer as if we juggle with time?

The concept is simple. In this floating island - or ile flottante, a classic timeless French dessert - there are no boundaries. Within one of the many white reflective curtains, the visitor chooses a place to sit, hang and even relax. They are invited to explore and walk through the curtain maze. Colored spots light up four different sides. A gradient with four main colors each for a different mood. 

From ice blue to a yellow orange. With soft pink and mint green in between.
These colors also represent the food wheel where visitors have the opportunity to taste different liquids. 


Like in the streets of Bangkok, people eat with their hands. It's as simple as that.


Design competition 'Call For Spaces'
2018 Biënnale Interieur Kortrijk